Tough night (not really)

So Project Runway -and- World Series of Pop Culture were on at the same time tonight. I love both of them. How am I to choose between my love of creative/innovative fashion design and pop culture? I did my best flipping back and forth. Too bad I don’t have DVR or Tivo (then I’d be in a world of trouble).

So, I have to renew my lease. It kinda bums me out. I hate being in contracts. I was hoping to be outta here and onto some new, exciting place, but I guess if I want to keep my rate that I pay now for my place, I have to sign up again by the end of the month. I hate being in contracts. Ugh.

I’m thinking about the upcoming weekend…going to Louisville…again. This time just Friday and part of Saturday. Going to hang out with Tasha. I plan on taking her to all the cool haunts I like in the ‘Ville…Dee’s, Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, and Regalo. We’ve been talking about going for a while, but now we finally have the chance.

Went to the mall tonight. It was all good. I got exhausted pretty quickly. I’m looking for some of those cute shorts like Jennifer Aniston wears here . I just love that little outfit she has on. Totally something a “dressed up” me would go for. Got the shoes and legs to go with it, so I’m good to go. Might as well play up my best asset. Just wish I looked as thin as her, but that’s ok. I was observing people at Wal-mart today and no one at all was thin or perfect. I would say only a small handful, like 1% actually look totally good on a daily basis.

Here’s a funny Cats that look like Hitler site . Now I’m not endorsing Hitler’s facist leadership, so don’t get the wrong idea. Steven tipped me off to it after someone sent it to him. Steven, Molly, and I, at Christmas totally was ragging Carl about his cat, Sprite, looking like Hitler, so there’s some inside humor to it.

Didn’t do the picture thing this week. Just too tired and uninspired. I also don’t have a working digi camera. Still waiting on the charger, so I’d have to use an older pic and I’ve pretty much used them all in the past few weeks. Oh, well.

So excited about my mango/orange body wash from the Body Shop. Yummy.


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