Feels like home

Do you ever realize how much a part of us is at home in daily stuff we do or the spaces we occupy our time in? And how if something goes awry, it totally screws with us?

For example:

– My computer at work and at home. Everything is organized/unorganized depending on place. At work, I really try to keep my files organized, but admittedly, I could spend half a day cleaning it up/making it more organized and tidy. I have a “personal” folder at work that is filled with personal, random projects (Cafepress, stuff I do for scrapbooking, stuff I do for friends). It is a complete mess, just like my computer that I am working on right now. Needs some serious cleaning.

– My car is a very messy home right now and always is. I rarely clean it, but just like my home, if an unexpected visitor (passenger) comes into it, I am totally apologetic. It’s one of those spaces that I don’t think about too often, occasionally tidy up, but if I was without it for a while (I did this about 6 months ago when I had a rental car), I miss it. Getting it back clean and detailed was supposed to motivate me, but it was back into disorganization the moment I got it.

– Work. Work to me is filled with spaces that I am totally familiar with and adapted in. I think it is pretty cool how we all have these spaces, whether at work, in public, in school, etc. Places we frequent that we know inside and out. The funny thing about work spaces too, is how we prefer to walk a certain path to get somewhere, use the same stall in the bathroom, or do routine things like lock the door, put stuff away, etc. that is second nature. I guess that’s kinda what makes each individual person’s experience different.

– Driving. The routes we take, even the way we take shortcuts, errantly don’t make complete stops at stop signs or zoom over speed bumps. In foreign places, this is just something we don’t do. I personally find it very difficult to drive at night on a road I don’t know. I drive super slow, but on a road that I am comfortable with, I zip and zoom all over the place.

Anyway, I know this is a random topic, but I guess I just feel introspective. That’s not a bad thing.


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