late night entry

I just spent close to a minute having to adjust my eyes to the bright blue background of my computer screen. See, I just talked to Amy and now I feel more up than when I started talking to her. It always works this way.

My cat has odor issues. I have to change my bedspread or something. She STINKS! Talk about smelly cat! She walked by me and is so potent and then she goes and lays on the comforter. I mean, I could shoo her off and yell at her to take care of her hygiene problemo, but that would work for like, 2 seconds.

I am officially sick of summer television. There was nothing on tonight. I had the choice of the 40 top rock star wives on VH1 or Wife Swap (which I had seen), then I watched a little of Supernanny. While I find this show very helpful, you kinda know what to expect with each episode (Sorry Nanny Jo, the intrigue is just not there). I know the parents are going to get scolded,someone’s going to get sent to the naughty bean bag or spot or step or whatever, and Jo’s going to leave and all their problems are solved (yeah, right).
I need my new shows and now! I need to find out if Jim and Pam hook up, what the Others do to Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, and who Meredith picked and if Burke will forgive Christina. Give me my TV and now! Does anyone else feel my pain?

You know, it is really hard to identify with work people sometimes. Like today, I went out with a couple of ladies, who I sometimes go out with. We ate Mexican (chips were good today, btw). Anyway, they are 40 – 50 and talk about house stuff, shubbery, local high school football. That is so not my life. I really miss having Tasha, Carey, Stef, and Danielle. Geez, I know it has been a while since they’ve worked there, but people your own age just make it so much nicer and so much more relatable.

So, I went to look up knitting on cafepress and in the search engine, when you type in knitting, they display a few of the hot items and mine kept popping up over and over. Cool, huh? I guess some of my stuff does sell pretty well. The things I sell the most of are the “Will Work for Yarn” button and the “I Knit, Therefore I Rock” button. Pretty cool.

OK, so I’ll attempt the sleep thing now. Maybe it was my cat’s stinch was keeping me up – weird, I just thought about this…today it smelled like sewer in our part of the office. Attack of the killer smells.

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