little things I noticed

• Walgreens has these little pints of ice cream in these tiny little boxes. They are adorable and the perfect size for that craving when you don’t want to buy a half gallon.

• I always am fearful after work that I left my lights on. There’s this little fear balled up in my stomach – and then I get to my car and realize I had turned them off. I really try to remember, but not too long ago I did it and had to get jumped. It’s something I just hate dealing with.

• Project Runway was really cool and unexpected tonight. They went to Paris and to Parson’s school of design in Paris. Loved the little twist and all the little twists they’ve been doing this season. So clever.

• I think Youtube is one of the newest, best things ever!

• I really enjoyed Celebrity Duets last night. Out of the starting gates, I liked Jay Rodrigues (sp?) and Hal Sparks. I also liked Alfonso Ribero or however you spell his name. Takes me back to my Silver Spoons days.

• So many mistakes were made in the events that lead up to the crash on Sunday. Just sad.

• I just noticed I am tired and need to go to bed.


  1. says

    Funny….I have the same thing from time to time about my car lights, and I have to go check to make sure they are off.

    I love me some youtube too. I look for the craziest stuff and post it on my blog…lol. Plus 80’s videos every Friday.

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