Maybe it’s me

I am watching the VMA’s and I’m just not that into them. The VMA’s used to be my thing. My favorite year was the when Britney did that crazy striptease. That was exciting stuff – so entertaining. This time, Justin Timberlake was pretty good. He’s a great dancer. I also enjoyed Beyonce’s performance. She’s a great dancer. Jack Black isn’t funny in my book and I don’t know who half these bands are. Does this mean I’m getting old?

Looking forward to the weekend. Going to ATL for Carey’s bachelorette party. Should be crazy. Also going to DragonCon. It’s a comic book/crazy/geeky convention. Never been, but Carey says it is the bomb. Hope it is fun.

Well, off of here and going to bed. Not even going to watch the end of the VMA’s. Yep, I’m getting old.


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