On a happy note…

My fave show, the Office, won an Emmy. Very happy. So deserving.

Worked on a couple projects for Creative Techniques mag. I’ve been in contact with the editor and I may get in… but it’s not a total done deal just yet.

Saw a great movie this weekend…Little Miss Sunshine. Had my favorite funnyman Steve Carell in it. He was great. The whole cast was great and the plot/story was excellent, sweet and just what I needed. Best movie I’ve seen all year. GO SEE IT! Oh, and I saw it with Carey and Griffin, who were in town. Made it that much better.

Tasha’s b-day was swell. She had a great time and it was a nice change of pace. We went to Atomic Cafe and hung out at the patio afterward (hadn’t hung out there when it was packed before). Also went to the Cadillac Ranch. Hmm…interesting crowd. Lots of people watching for sure. Tasha and Tina rode the bull (so funny). Also, danced up a storm. Good times.

On a less happy personal note, just got some super glue on my fingers…not a good thing.

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