On a sad note…

Today I woke up late and checked my e-mail. The homepage said that 49 people had died in a Comair flight in Lexington, KY. Whah?? I couldn’t believe it. Something this tragic happen here? I sat watching the news all day. It really hits close to home. Couldn’t believe the stories that were coming in. My stomach just sank for those newlyweds and the couple going to get married on a tropical island…the teenage girl going home after visiting the Bluegrass to scout out a new horse. Just utter sadness. And I can’t really say anything else. Just a horrific loss and sadness. I feel for their families. Accidents happen every day in our lives…simple little things like locking your keys in your car, falling and getting a bruise, a fender bender, and then there are ones like this. Sometimes I wish you could just hit edit undo and make it all better. Too bad that life doesn’t work like that.


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    one guy was saying that his relative got on that flight so he could be home with his family earlier. stuff like this makes you really makes me think about my own life.

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    You hear about these types of things all the time, but until it happens close to home, you really don’t understand the impact they have in your own life.

    I mean, you feel a sort of tragic sadness whenever you hear of things like this, but it really hits home when it’s that close to home.

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