Rooting for Michael on Project Runway. His design was so inspired – just great. The head honchos (Michael, Heidi, Nina, etc) said he lacked taste in his designs in casting, but I think that is cause he was styling for hip hop videos. A lot of those are bootylicious and he couldn’t show his range in that respect. Anyway, glad I have something to look forward to in this television drought.

I saw an ad for Diet Viagra on a pole yesterday while driving. Hmm…do you think it means a diet pill + Viagra or that Viagra actually has calories. Hmm…I just don’t think that makes sense at all.

I just beat my cat in a staring match. She looked down first. Kinda silly that I do that with my cat.

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    diet viagra…i wonder if they will come out with fat free asprin and whole grain cough drops?

    do you watch hell’s kitchen? it was one of my favorite shows on tv. it is funny how many times they have to beep chef ramsy ( the head chef ).

    you have to show your pets who’s boss. if you would have let your cat win you would be sending a message saying, ” i am weak, go poop and barf on all of my stuff “. you did the right thing

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