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I need a good cry after readingthis. I logged in to pinkisthenewblog before bed and found out that Jessica Simpson is secretly dating….John Mayer. WHAT???? I like Jessica Simpson and I love John. Everyone knows that, but the two of them together? Obviously, Jessica’s georgeous and hot and every man’s fantasy, so I can see his appeal, but he’s supposed to like brunettes and he is so witty and smart and talented. She just seems too ditzy for him. Maybe he’s not thinking with the right head, because I don’t see why he would want to get involved with that crazy family. Don’t they make the strangest pair? She goes from beefcake to Mr. Singer/Songwriter. Just weird. I don’t get it. Bums me out.


  1. says

    i think john mayer is on drugs. i think jessica is about as smart as paris hilton or a rock. jessica simpson is NOT every man’s fantasy.

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