Thoughts to ponder on…

If you can no longer take liquids or gels on a plane, then what would you do if you were a hairdresser in L.A. (think Jonathon Antin of Bravo’s Blowout) and you had to go to Fashion Week in New York? Would you have to ship your products ahead of time? If you forgot something last minute, I guess you would be screwed, huh? I guess this same thing could be applied to where I work as well. We are always sending paint or product along with people on trips, so I guess we will have to ship that as well. It seems something that is awfully complicated, but I guess worth it to protect us from terrorists.

I was watching Entertainment Tonight and before the story they said, “And now, the story everyone’s been talking about all day…Robin Williams is in Rehab”. I myself, have not heard one single person mention that today. I think I briefly read it online, but I think there are more pressing concerns (bombs on planes) that people were talking about today, although I never heard anyone mention that at work either. Man, we are one uninformed group of people. That’s bad.

It was raining when I left from work today and I got soaked. My pant legs were heavy with water. Every time I get inside a car or building after I am in the rain, I let out a big “urghhhhhhhhhh” sound. I just hate being soaked from rain. It is so disgusting. I was thinking about it, though, and it doesn’t happen all that often. Maybe 10-15 times a year? I know, I’m random.

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