A trip home

I went home this weekend…took the 2 1/2 hour drive home to Hartford (Beda, KY, if you want to be specific). Nothing much happens there. I notice very few changes as I drive through town. Pretty much looks the same. My ‘rents never really give me any juicy gossip (their not that type of people), so I always wonder what happens and I get that info from the stack of Ohio County Times News newspapers that my grandmother keeps stacked up for me to read at her house in Owensboro. It’s not that I miss so much the place, it’s just that it’s a slice of life that I’m part of and would like to hear about from time to time. The paper isn’t that interesting…your typical front page stories, cheesy “look who’s forty” advertisements and Society pages. I am a curious one. I like to see who got married, who got divorced, who had babies, and who got fat. I know that is mean, I know it, but it is comforting to know that those same so-called “popular” people in high school gained weight, too, and that they are not immune from this whole “aging” thing. It’s also interesting to read if someone moved away or stayed in the county and became involved or got arrested. I don’t know, it’s my little view into the people I grew up with lives…the weird thing and scary thing about it too, is that kids that I saw at church or in the community as little kids 4-5 years old are now 18 and graduating high school or old enough to get married and doing so. So, in some ways, looking back depresses me, too.

That’s not really all I did…I scratched off lotto tix with my grandmother and brother. I only do that with them – I personally think it to be a big waste of money. Also, lost one of my favorite earrings. Maybe it will show up somewhere, but that’s the worst. I’ve never been good at keeping up with earrings, but I’ve had these for over 2 years, and I call that a small accomplishment. Oh, well.

Back to my life. Visiting my old home is nice, but being at my new home is so nice.

Also, on a final note, watched old person TV today (Matlock) and why did Ben Matlock always get away with ribbing the people on the stand without being objected by the prosecution? I mean, he goes on for 15 minutes accusing someone of doing something (sometimes you even question the relevance of what he is getting at). I just don’t think that’s realistic.

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    i kind of know how you feel. my lil bro is 12 years younger than me and he just started high school. i still remember when mom told us ( me and the step-family ) she was pregnant. talk about feeling old.

    oh and the first time i scratched a ticket i won $2. so i bought one more and kept one.

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