Weekend Update

It’s hard to write clever titles for these blogs. I don’t want to use the same one twice. Maybe I should use dates.

I hung out with Molly, Carl, and Cynthia last night. We went to Red Lobster. I was the oddball and got shrimp, they were crab people. I don’t know what it is, I just can’t bring myself to eat crab. I did have it a couple of months ago in Florida and it just was plain awful. I’m such a picky eater. It was nice catching up and just hanging out. Carl always says he married a black Alexa. Cynthia and I were talking about the “Girls NExt Door” and she said, “You know, Hugh Hefner is still married.” and I said, “Did you see that on the E! True Hollywood Story?” and she said, “Yeah”. I had just watched that as well. It just cracks me up that we love the same television shows and love to talk about them. Cynthia is one cool lady.

Anyway, today I went to the Woodland Art Festival. There is a lot of art there – not much that I really like, but it is a nice thing to do – to go to art fairs. I did really like the photos that the Lexicon project did. It is a group of people that do photojournalistic style photos around Lexington and document it. I think that is a really cool idea and a great way to capture the energy of the city. The other stuff that I saw at the art fair of interest were really only a handful…saw some great metal purses that were too cute…also loved some work by an artist named Chris Plummer that did woodcuts. I guess the thing that frustrates me is that, while this is a juried show, there is so much boring/same-o, same-o artwork. I mean, how unique are those spotted lampwork beads? I mean, there were at least 5 booths of people doing those. I am so over them. UGh. And then you see the same stuff people do every year…flowers that pour water (kinda like sprinklers), tye dye clothing, the same ol’ landscape/botanical photography. I appreciate that people put their art out there, I really do, but I guess it just frustrates me that you see the same artwork year after year and there is no true diversity in the work. It also frustrates me that stuff with cutesy quotes makes it into the juried show. I question whether wall plaques with “Home Sweet Home” kinda stuff is truly art. I guess my obsession with kitsch stuff just wasn’t represented….I mean I want to see colorful, fun stuff and that just wasn’t represented. Oh, well. I guess I need to go to a renegrade craft fair. Maybe that is more my speed.

Anyway, I watched the Teen Choice Awards and it really was a Who’s Who of young Hollywood. Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook hosted, Britney introduced her husband K-Fed (who performed Lose Control – a little too much theatrics and very little talent), Johnny Depp was on hand as well (God, I didn’t realize he was so hot! What a beautiful man). I kinda wished I had seen more of it, but I was watching the Girls Next Door (Yes, I’ve mentioned it twice in this post). What a great move marketing-wise for Playboy to have this show on the air.

Just wanted to leave you on this final note. I’m so over Paris Hilton. I think I hear her mentioned every day atleast 5 times and I don’t understand what is so special!!! I kinda like her new song, but it is so tainted, cause it is her. I just don’t want to see her anymore. It’s kinda like hearing about a news story so much, that you wish it would go away. I’m afraid the JonBonet case is going to be like this as well. So weird.

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