Geeks, Gamers, and Exhibitionists, oh my.

I went to DragonCon this weekend. Yeah, you prob. wonder why. Well, Carey had her bachelorette party this weekend and wanted to celebrate it the same weekend as Con. It is this crazy weekend full of comic book lovers, gamers, Star Trek Trekkies, Adult Swim fans, Star War junkies, and any other sci-fi topic you can imagine. The experience was cool and interesting, though, I’m not a big sci-fi fan. The coolest part was people watching. I saw multi-colored fairies, body-painted woman (and that’s all they had on), zombies, pirates, a burger king storm trooper and much more. It was a hoot. I only went to the actual Con for one day and that was enough to do me in, but the people that go to this thing eat, drink, and don’t sleep this thing. It was a sci-fi lovers dream (they even had DragonCon TV – sci fi fan-made movies, commercials, and convention contests on TV 24-7, they even had a Star Wars spoof with Star Wars and Grease called Grease Wars – It was HORRIFICALLY bad – LOL.)

The actual bachelorette portion was fun as well. We went to Loco Luna – a Tapas bar. The food was excellent and the atmosphere so much fun. Carey had a great time and everyone had to do “dares” that she gave us. I thought it should have been the other way around. Carey got off too easy.

I’ll try to post some crazy pics in a bit.

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