I kinda found it weird that in the 7 o’clock slot tonight on the NBC affiliate that they were showing Bosom Buddies. I guess they are in linbo before a new syndicated show airs, but I just thought it to be too funny. I haven’t seen an episode of that in years.

I noticed that they tore down an old church (the sign had said 1918 to be its built date). My friend Tasha told me they were going to tear it down to build some hamburger upscale restaurant, but I just think that is so sad. The area that is being developed is next to the Panera she works at, and there is a vast array of land that could be used, but no, they had to tear down someone’s spiritual home and a landmark. Just sad.

I’m so glad that Fox releases their shows early (last night’s House and Standoff were really good). Man, oh, man, I need some new TV. Yes, Project Runway does fill that void a little, but in just a few weeks all my favorite shows will be back. So excited. I guess you can say I vicariously live through my television. How sad.

Jessica Simpson says she is not dating John Mayer. I think what happened is that they hooked up and then it started blowing up in the media and he didn’t want any part of it. JM is a very private person. He hated when the paparazzi followed him around when he was dating Jennifer Love Huge-tits, so I would think that dating JS would be 100 times as bad.

Suri Cruise is a cute, cute baby. Pinkisthenewblog was bringing up joke speculation that she is Chris Klein’s baby, but I think that’s baloney. I think she looks a lot like Katie, but I can see Tom in her, too.

Well, off to bed.

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