I remember why I don’t where these pants

So, today, I’m wearing a pair of black dress pants (khaki – like, though not khaki colored). Well, I have been so annoyed by the zipper and I always forget to get rid of them or put them in a place that I won’t go for them. The zipper always unzips during the day, making me have a barn door open house at any given moment. If I breathe in and breathe out, the zipper goes down a little more after I zip them up. Just sitting down does the trick, too. So annoying. There’s nothing like walking around Target or Michael’s with my fly open for all the world to see. You would have thought that I would have atleast wore a longer shirt, but no. The one I am wearing covers my stomach, but not my pants. I’m going to throw them in my laundry room/dirty clothes pile (the closet next to my kitchen where a washer and dryer are supposed to go). Sad, but true…a lot of stuff in there has not been washed/hand washed/dry cleaned in over a year. I am soooooo lazy.

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