It happens in threes

3 things that scare me:
~ Snakes
~ Dying and having someone clean up my apartment
~ Those creepy candy bowls with the hands that say trick or treat

3 people that make me laugh:
~ Steve Carell
~ My cousin Miranda
~ kids, in general

3 things that I love:
~ Panera Bread
~ Pixie
~ accomplishing a project/chore

3 things that I really dislike:
~ Boiled cabbage
~ Garbage
~ Getting a call from my boss while I’m trying to enjoy my lunch break

3 things that I don’t understand:
~ teenagers
~ why mean people usually make more money
~ relationships/love

3 things on my desk:
~ CDs
~ Dental floss
~ earrings

3 things I am doing right now:
~ Blogging
~ procrastinating about going to bed
~ wishing I had a back massage

3 things I would like to do before I die:
~ find love
~ go to a foreign country
~ get out of KY

3 things I can do:
~ create
~ Communicate/talk/relate with people from all walks of life
~ Hula hoop for a long period of time

3 ways to discribe my personality:
~ Energetic
~ Swell
~ Silly

3 things I can’t do:
~ Math
~ keep a clean house
~ see very well without my glasses/contacts

3 things I think you should listen to:
~ Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy
~ John Mayer’s Continuum cd
~ If you wanna be my candy man, I’m gonna be your salty dog (a song from grade school music)

3 things you shouldn’t listen to:
~ Nickelback
~ a child yelling
~ Rush Limbaugh

3 absolute favorite foods:
~ Tuscan chicken/black bean soup You pick two from Panera
~ Peanut Butter pie
~ Ice CREAM (something with chocolate!!!

3 things I would like to learn:
~ make soldered jewelry
~ a new exercise/workout that doesn’t bore me
~ Indesign

3 beverages I drink regularly:
~ Diet Pepsi
~ Dr. Pepper
~ hot chocolate

3 shows I watched as a kid:
~ Mousercize
~ Rags to Riches
~ Jem!

3 blogs I visit every day:


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