The perfect spot for Starbucks…I think

Starbucks, I was just thinking, you guys need to open up where 15th and Olive was in Murray. You would make a load of money and people would foam at the mouth (most faculty and students) in Murray to have you there. I haven’t been there in a while, but my Murray friends can elaborate more if they think this in an accurate statement. I just remember there never being an actual good coffee place with variety in Murray. Back in the day, there was that Boulder’s place, but that is long gone (did love those french fries, though, served in a cone-shaped paper cup). Have things changed? Is there now a Starbucks there or some other great coffee house I don’t know about. It would be interesting to see.

Unfortunately, I won’t get to see it Homecoming weekend. I always have intentions to go down there, but Oct. is always full of stuff and something that takes up that spot on the calendar. For me, it’s Carey’s bridal shower that Sat.


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    We are getting a Starbucks here in Winchester inside Kroger. I wonder how many other Kroger stores have Starbucks and how much business they do. I just cannot imagine going in there to get a cup of coffee.

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    Those of us in Murray strangely have a lot of coffeeshops to choose from. There are three places on campus that serve Starbucks coffee, even though they are called Thoroughbrewed. Then there is a cute place downtown on the courthouse square. And there’s another on the opposite corner in the Christian bookstore. Then there’s another near White College and St. Leo that a professor and his wife opened.

    And I don’t drink coffee! 🙂

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    starbucks on 15th = perfect. i would love for a real starbucks to open in murray. i don’t want the mom and pop shops to go out of buisness ( i don’t go to them anyways ) but starbucks rocks!

  4. Steven says

    Aren’t most of them franchised?
    Go for it Alexa … it could be the change you’re looking for.

    But maybe consider opening a Heine Brothers insteard. Regardless, whatever you open … open one in Old Louisville or by UofL too. I hate having to drive downtown for Starbucks.

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