Sleepy Thinker

Yes, I’m sleepy at 7:30. I don’t go to bed early enough and I feel it most when I am driving on my way to and from work. I sometimes want to go to the craft store or some other little shop, but I have to veer in the direction of my apartment for some r and r. Also if I just go home, I don’t spend money and that is a good thing. I tend to go somewhere and see something that I just have to have, but in reality, I don’t really have to have it. I guess it’s a quick pick me up or something. I did try to take a quick nap, but my heart just wasn’t in it.

I want to create a clever worded card with Pixie on the front of it for Halloween. If any of you guys have witty ideas, I’m playing with the following themes (but if you have a better one to play off of, that’s great!)

– black cats and Halloween
– scaredy cat (she is super skiddish)
– You know how you can spot a black cat owner
– Funny cat phrasing (Purrfect, Pawsitively).
– a clever poem

I have so many ideas, but I’m not very good at summing them up into a fun card that someone laughs at. I saw a couple of really cute ones at Hallmark, but then it’s not original and I’ve stolen it. As a designer, I sometimes want to create something totally fresh and unique – copy included. Molly gave me some perverse ideas (I’m actually surprised I didn’t think of them on my own), but this is going to friends and family, and I don’t want my grandmother getting a card with…What’s Big, What’s Black, and What’s Hairy? with a picture of Pixie inside. That is so funny, but innappropriate and I don’t want to have to make different cards for different people.

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