So many things to say

One of those days where everything feels like a blog topic. I am just having an emotional end of day. Partially cause of the new John Mayer album. It’s always so personal to listen to someone you love and hearing new stuff that they create. I have a few new favorites. So far, really love the direction he took with Dreaming with a Broken Heart. He has done something new with this album, and I think that, even though it is different, it is a good thing. Heavier Things was such a departure from Room for Squares. It was like in HT, he was trying to get away from the literal approach to songwriting. This album, Continuum, just feels heartfelt, raw, just good and natural, very bluesy. Kinda like art when you don’t think so much about it. That’s my interpretation. That’s how I feel it.

So, I guess I feel like in general, I would like to get back to natural. Ugh, I know that sounds silly, but I mean it in a feel good/healthy kinda way. My diet for one. I just am so sick of the fast food. Sure, it’s easy, it’s fast, but to have a big, yummy plate of vegetables in front of me would satisfy me very much. But it comes down to motivation…getting to the grocer store, planning, then buying healthy stuff and making it. I just feel so exhausted by days end and the easy choice is just starting to disgust me. Don’t know if I’m feeling a bit down, think that may be it. While I’m excited about some stuff in life right now, I am just feeling an overall blah.

But some good news…I purged crap in my closet. The old chocolate covered cherries I hate, the cereals that are long due for the trashcan, and the chips that are stale. Woo hoo. Doing domestic stuff can be good. I just need to do it more. It would be so nice to have some help, though. Just being me, alone, it gets hard to accomplish it.

OK, before I start blabbing uncontrollably, I’m going to get off here.

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