Weekend motivation

So, today was a day that I would like to kinda forget. Nothing too exciting happened, and I wasn’t in a particularly bad mood, I guess, but I did feel icky, unhappy, in general and unmotivated. So why do I want to forget it? Well, I don’t want to feel unmotivated, lethargic, unproductive and uninspired. I went so far to find an article on training myself to wake up earlier. I just don’t like feeling the way I do on weekends.

Maybe it just comes down to me needing a change – something for me to look forward to. I really struggle with weekends, too, cause I am not forced to do anything, unlike work, where you have to be there. Regular work hours I like – it forces me to be on a routine…I get up and go and, though sometimes tired, I get to it….I am productive and busy. I want my weekends to be more this way.

Weekends are tougher for me…I don’t usually “make plans”. Sometimes I don’t even see people. I guess being alone and sometimes “lonely” (which I think are two entirely different things) keeps me sometimes, too from getting out and about and enjoying life. You know, also, how much I love crafting as well, but there’s always this cloud that prevents me from doing that on the weekends. TV is about the only thing I want to surround myself with.

So, I don’t really know what to do to change this. I could take the suggestion of the guy in the article, or I could try changing my life (embarking on a new job, etc.) and see if things would get better. I just know something has to change.

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