Another feel good – Mary Jane candy

I bought a package of Mary Jane candies a few days ago for a dollar. You know the ones…the little black and orange peanut butter taffy-like candies in that waxy wrapper that you really only seem to see at Halloween time. They are so yummy. I know people either love or hate these things, but to me, they are one of my favorite signs of the Halloween season. The ones I had today had been sitting in my car, and since it was a little cold out, they were a little harder than they would have been at room temperature, which made them oh-so chewy and oh-so good. My favorite part is that gritty piece of peanut butter at the center. Yum. I also noticed that this candy is made by Necco, the same maker of those Valentine hearts, so I guess that company just really racks up around the holidays, cause their candies are just so darn holiday specific. The funny thing about the package I have is that some of the wrappers are orange, some are black, and there’s an occasional orange one with the words Mary Jane and a little girl on them. I think that’s kinda weird and random…just like me.


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    I had no idea those were called Mary Jane candies! My mom always bought them and my sister and I referred to them as “the peanut butter candy”. You learn something new every day! Thanks 🙂

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