Bright yellow coat, pumpkin spice latte, and Cheddars

I went tonight to the Thriller re-enactment – one of the few cool things Lexington offers this time of year. I went last year and I couldn’t see much…the streets get too crowded and jammed and you just can’t see anything. This year; however, I saw a lot more from a 2nd floor parking garage vantage point. I hung out with Charlie and his two friends, Kevin, and Kaci. They were all really cool. In honor of the night, I wore my gloved earring with my matching silver hooped earring (you know Michael only wore the one sparkly glove). Anyway, I also wore my bright yellow coat that I just got dry cleaned. I was super excited to wear it. I actually made a new wraparound band to go around it (the part that you tie in front – I lost the one that came with it). Well, it is too short. Kinda bummed about that one. I might have to make a headband out of it instead. Anyway, as far as the pumpkin spice latte part of my title, that is what I got at Speedway prior to the event – let me just say that that 99ยข cup gives Starbucks a run for its money.

Afterward, we went to Cheddars and it was good too. Kevin was nice enough to give me his salad and I had the potato soup and croissant (Yummy). It was a good night.

So, now, I’m trying to get all the last minute details lined up for my Halloween pumpkin carving party. I am hoping to see if I can take a half day to prepare. I didn’t think I would have too, but I think I will be stressed, otherwise. I think my boss will be cool and let me. LEt’s hope.

I saw on VH1 tonight the “Celebrity Paranormal Project”, where celebrities explore haunted places. Well, it was held at Waverly HIlls Sanatorium in Louisville, which I went to a few years ago. When we went, we actually drove up to it the wrong way…CREEPY…and Madonna’s “Die another Day” was on the radio as we traveled up the hill. When we got to the top, Waverly was illuminated by the moon and was so freaky. We were so scared. The unfortunate thing is that they made the tour non-scary (Think chainsaws, etc.). If they stuck to the whole paranormal experience and psyched people out psychologically, it would have been so much scarier. Oh, well…here’s the link to some cool photos of it…
Waverly Hills photos

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