Camera blues

My digital camera is starting to act up. Here’s what problems I am having with it:

1. It is really not user friendly for deleting multiple photos. I’ve been deleting them individually and that takes forever. Maybe I just need to read the manual.

2. The photo quality has been sucking as of late. The photos are either blurry, greyed out, or too dark. Here lately, the quality has hit a major low and I just hate it! In the past, I have adjusted photos in Photoshop, but I really think a good camera should take decent quality photos, where you don’t have to do readjustments.

3. When you open up the lens door to take a photo, it slides into a open resting position (It’s hard for me to explain in writing). The slightest movement of my finger over this little sliding door closes the lens and shuts the camera off. So, while I am reviewing my photos or taking a photo, it the lens door closes and this is majorly annoying.

4. The side door where the USB port connects to it doesn’t close securely.

Is this just wear and tear? Admittedly, I don’t always keep it in a safe case, so I guess it could be exposed to rubbing up against stuff in my purse or pocket. I also noticed, after leaving it in a cold car, that it fogged up once really bad, thus resulting in foggy photos. It got better after that incident, but I still wonder if something was warped somehow.

I just hate having to buy a new camera. I’m not the best about saving money and there are other things like an ipod or a scanner that I would rather buy. Is there any way for me to get it cleaned/looked at/sent back to the manufacturer for reconditioning?


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    Kodak sells refurbished cameras for a discount. I had issues with my Kodak (the screen went out) so they had a trade-in program so I didn’t have to pay full price for what was a discounted, refurbished camera that was better than my old one. You can look at these deals on their Web site.

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