Don’t take away my DQ!

ThisDairy Queen Logo kinda bothers me. I have noticed it popping up on my way home from work and while, I like the new DQ typeface, I’m not feeling the little yellow and blue swishes that accompany it. I don’t know if they are to represent hot and cold (I would think this would be not yellow and blue, rather red and blue), but they just seem really unneccessary. They distract me. I also noticed on a billboard that DQ is adding Panini’s. Since when did they get in that type of business? I mean, bring me the foot long hot dogs! I don’t go to DQ for a Panini. I go to DQ for those cute little blizzards in that Dennis the Menace cup (too bad they don’t have those anymore). I go to DQ for those Dilly Bars. Has anyone noticed that they don’t make them fresh anymore in the little white paper bag? They are now pre-packaged. I go to DQ for the little loop de loo on my ice cream and for the ice cream cakes (no longer made with a custom hand-done design, now it’s like a iron on icing sheet – BOO). Please don’t take my DQ the way of the Panera and don’t make it some upscale dining experience it’s not. Take me back to Mister Misty’s and little plastic bag hand puppets and please don’t ever take away my chocolate dipped cone. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

And if you have to change something, you can get rid of that “flip a quarter into a shot glass to win a blizzard” game. I have never seen anyone win that one, so therefore, I do not even try it. I’d rather just throw a handful of change into a Children’s Miracle Network jar next to the register. Don’t make me flip a quarter as a way of donating.

One a final note, I watched an Apprentice episode last year where they said the Blizzard brought in 1 Billon dollars each year. How crazy is that???


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    i think the last ice cream cake i got has actual writing on it. i really could eat ice cream cake every meal of my life and never grow tired of it. really, i can eat any form of ice cream ( of the space ice cream ) at anytime of the day, week, month or year

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