Drive by Feeding

Today at lunch, Diane,Donna, Jennifer, and I went to Logan Hubble park, a park that is about 5 minutes from work. It’s really not that unique…but it does have ducks. These geese are white, and grey, with yellow beaks, and some with red. They usually come squaking when we get there, cause they have became accustomed to people feeding them. They are kinda annoying. I had avoided the park for several months, cause they have gotten on my nerves, but here lately I have had a change of heart. They really aren’t that bad. Well, we didn’t sit in our usual spot – at the picnic table by the trees, because it was raining. We instead, sat across the pond under the covered shelter. The ducks don’t usually come to this spot, so we weren’t expecting to feed them, but Diane, as she usually does, brought her stale bread. Well, right before we left, a whole group of them flew really far across the pond and landed in a field right next to the shelter . As we left, Diane rolled down her window and started throwing chunks of bread at them. It was kinda funny…she was rolling slowly by and throwing these giant handfuls to them and they were going at it. She handed me a couple of pieces and I pulled open the back of her van door (it took two attempts, cause I am weak and we were on a slope) and threw a few out as well. I attempted to hit them with the bread (I promise, this didn’t hurt them). They were in geese heaven gobbling down their food.

There are not too many exciting moments in my everyday work life, but little moments like this make you appreciate your friends and co-workers and the unique shared experiences you have. Also, making the most of a rather boring lunchbreak makes working in Podunkville that much more bearable.

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