Exactly 28 years ago

I was born 28 years ago and according to my brother, the time was 10:51.

I can’t say I’ve had an adventurous/crazy life in the past 28 years, but my b-day has only come around 28 times and here’s a few of my memories from Oct. 1.

-On or around my 9th birthday, my friend Shawnda Brackett came over for a sleepover. My mom made me a Barbie cake like href=”this. I thought it was super cool.

? On my 13th b-day,a scary red-headed guy in a Chevette approached my sister, her friend, and I as we were making our way across the Wesleyan Park plaza parking lot. I had just gotten a green purse at K-mart and we were walking across the lot to meet my mom at Kroger. He was so creepy and he pulled up to our mom as she came out of the store, and said, “Are those girls with you”? I thought the whole way home that he was following us.

?On my big 19th birthday, my roomate and friends woke me up at exactly 12:00 on Oct. 1. They came into my dorm room and turned on the lights and yelled happy birthday. It was so crazy. I remember too, that they wrote my name really large in front of Winslow dining hall. THey also wrote my name with a giant X in the middle with “X rated Birthday” coming out of the X. The funniest thing about that was that the Gideons were handing out bibles right on that spot the next day.

-ON my 16th b-day, Jimmy B. asked me out. I was so excited. He asked me to go golfing, but unfortunately, my dad said I couldn’t go. So bittersweet for a 16 year old, but oh well.


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