Mod Podge

So, tonight I attempted to make those cool Martha Stewart glitter pumpkins. I didn’t have enough glitter…bum, but it’s really no big deal. My pumpkin is still glittery. I did, however, use Mod Podge as glue. It worked ok, but dried really quickly. Even though it didn’t work perfectly, the smell of modge podge just makes me happy. It reminds me of good times of being crafty. It’s a very distinct smell and even though it is a competitor product to the company I work for, it still rocks. I mean, they haven’t ever changed the logo and it is just that trusty, ol’ reliable glue/sealer/collage maker that makes you feel good.

So, maybe I should just sniff it if I’m in a bad mood. Ha. I don’t know if they recommend that on the package.

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