Old Faithful

Friends before Thunder

I put some new photos of my family and friends up on my flickr site. I took them using my old Pentax camera – the one my dad bought at a flea market for $20 about 9 years ago for me (I was just outta high school). I think the camera is about 30 years old. I hadn’t taken photos with it for a while, but this past week, I had a few pictures left on the roll and decided to have an impromptu photo shoot with my niece. I had forgotten that I had Thunder over Louisville gathering pics of my friends, along with pics from Easter on there. That was a neat discovery. Anyway, I forgot how much I love this dented in 35mm camera that I have to manually focus. I think some of the pics turned out a little bit more blue than I would have liked, but others turned out just right. I don’t know what it is about this camera that just makes me so happy. I just know that I am almost guaranteed two great, stellar photos per roll that I can’t believe that I took. I have several that I didn’t upload (reasons being that I want to use them on a scrap page and many magazines want 100% original/never seen before images, so if I show off the photo, it’s out there to be seen). I’m going to have to start using it more often.


  1. Justin says

    These are fantastic photos! How did you get that great vignette effect?

    I love shooting with my 35mm Pentax – I took some fantastic shots on vacation. I need to start using it again.

  2. says

    Um, ya know, I don’t think it was on the right color setting. I’ll have to send you a few via e-mail of my niece and nephew that I really like.

    Yeah, there’s nothing like it.

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