Random weekend ramblings

I don’t like driving with people in my car. Not that I don’t actually like having them there, I just get more nervous when I make a mistake or do something stupid. When I carpooled it was ok, and I got used to it, but when I, for example, drived in Louisville this past weekend, I made a couple of mistakes that I think scared my passengers. I don’t like doing this. I’m fine on roads I know, but the ones I don’t are the ones that I get unnerved about.

I kept using phrases/saying things that didn’t make sense. In an effort to sound smart, I use words like juxtaposition. Now, I think I know what that word means, but I’m not entirely sure I can explain it. Let’s just say, I said it to an artist at gallery hop and walked away feeling stupid. Oh, well, he doesn’t know me from Eve.

The St. James Art fair was really great this year…and very crowded. I bought some apple soap, a pendant, and a bread dough pin for a co-worker (it is a parrot – she likes tropical stuff and it was only $1). I don’t spend much money on unique art. It has to be something I totally dig and know I can’t make myself. There were some really cool bottle cap necklaces that I liked, but I really think I can make them. After the art fair, I went to Dee’s crafts (my favorite craft store) and they totally had them in a book showing you how to make them. So, we’ll see…just will have to add that one to the list of projects to do someday.

Molly got the cutest kitty this weekend. It’s kinda going through a trial weekend run to see if she works out. She’s cocoa/calicoish colored and a couple of years old. One of the best temperaments that I’ve seen in a cat in a while. So sweet and was right at home after a couple of hours of being at her apt.

I bought a Woman’s World magazine at Wal-mart tonight. I’m a sucker for those diet plans on the cover that say, “Lose 25 pounds by Thanksgiving”. Sure, they could work if I stuck to it. I think it would boost my self-esteem, but then again, you hear those people say they lose tons of weight and are still not satisfied. I guess it’s all just a mental thing.

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