Rushing around

So, my heart is beating a mile a minute. See, I’m tricking myself by cleaning my house up (me cleaning means dumping “stuff” into a laundry basket and hiding it in my office). I am supposed to go to Louisville tomorrow night and may not get the chance to come home. Driving straight from work to Louisville is a lot shorter than driving home and then to Louisville. Anyway, I just get really stressed when I go away from home for a couple of days…my house is a wreck and atleast semi-cleaning it makes me feel a little bit better. Did the dishes, cleaned the counter, etc. I just hate leaving my house an absolute mess!

OK, so I’m watching a rerun of the Miss America pagaent on CMT. Why is it that the girls on there always seem like 45 years old. They are like 20 years old, but act and talk like they are twenty years older than that. Part of that just gets on my nerves. I guess at 20, you are considered a “woman”, but I guess any sass or girlyness goes out the window. I can’t describe, it just seems all fake to me. Kinda reminds me at looking at old timey photos of what people looked like in the 1900’s – about the 1960’s. Everyone looked so much older than they actually were.

GOtta go pack…have a great weekend.


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    I don’t like going on trips and leaving my house messy either. I always wonder what people would think of me if I had a wreck or something and they had to come in here and see my mess, so I clean like crazy before I go.

    Have a safe trip!

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