That’s right. I’m a sleepyhead and I’m not ashamed of it, so there!

I found a funny online video I think you’ll enjoy. My day was not as exciting as this:

My pumpkin carving party went well. Only 3 of us carved pumpkins. Mine is really cute…taken from a Better Homes Halloween book. I dig it.

The food was eaten (or taken home), the candy gone, all in all, the mission was to have fun and have friends over and that was accomplished. Pixie made a brief appearance. When I tried to coax her out, she wasn’t having it. She just moaned at me. I think she would be the girl in the corner by herself at a party cradling her beer.

Is it lame to take food products back to Wal-mart. I bought a chocolate bar, marshmallow creme and whatnot and I just don’t need it. Nothing is wrong with it. I just want my money back. I’m not one to usually do that sort of thing.

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