Time Change

Man, I’m so not looking forward to adjusting to this time change. I got home tonight from my visit to my home home, at about 7:00 and it was dark by 6:00. I am going to have to start leaving work at 5:00, no doubt about it. I do not want to be sucked into the drainage pit known as the Wintertime blues. I think getting home later and later would cause that.

I did listen to my new Chris Thile CD. It was very good. I’m not much of a reviewer, but he is such a talented musician and I feel like when I listen to him play, I am appreciating “true” music. I mean, listening to Hinder and Jojo on the radio doesn’t really sound like musical “depth” to me.

I was going to go to Idaho to visit Arianna this next weekend, but I have waited to long to get a ticket (tickets are $1,000 now). Molly said her Dad would sell me a voucher he has, but it’s not going to be the same flight as she is taking and that is part of the fun of traveling with a friend, so needless to say, I’m kinda bummed with myself for not being on the ball. I still have to break the news to Molly, so Steve, don’t say anything 🙂 I mean, Oct. was a bad month for me to make big travel plans. I was so consumed with Halloween parties/showers, that I totally didn’t have time to think of much else. So…my fam is getting together the week b4 Christmas and I asked Arianna if she was coming home to Louisville during actual Christmastime. She said they are staying home, so I asked her if I could come during the holidays and she said yes, so I think that will be something neat, exciting, and different for me. So, in the next week, I will have to book the flight so I don’t face an astronomical ticket price.

Well, that’s it for now. I had lots of fun playing with my niece and nephew this weekend. They are so cute. Taylor is so pretty. I was brushing her hair today and for a moment, it made me want a little girl, but that was just for a moment. I’ve got a while before I will be ready for that.


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