I went to my first ever taping of the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, hosted by Michael Jonathan. Chris Thile was the featured guest. I really enjoy Nickel Creek and I enjoy Chris on his own as well. I own his first CD and bought his second one tonight after the show. the format of the show is pretty neat…all I knew of it was of the commercials I see on Insight Cable. Well, Chris was great. I didn’t realize that he has been divorced for a while (insert divorce joke here as they did many times tonight during the show). Anyway, he played mandolin with his hot backup band (all pretty cute, hip guys – I might add). It was a great time.

After the show, I got to meet up with Chris. For any of you who don’t know this already, Chris attended Murray the same time I did, so I saw him back in his chubby days, strumming on his mandolin in front of Elizabeth college. He is still an insanely nice guy and when I went to meet him, I spurted out something about Murray, the dorm I lived in and my old roomate Echo. He, obviously, as I knew he would, remembered her and told me to tell her hi. I did, by the way, on her Myspace page. Why is it when you meet someone famous/even relatively famous, you get nervous/clam up/say something totally stupid. Come on, they are totally human too, besides the fact that they have some skill set you don’t. It would be kinda funny if people came up to me and sais, “Hey, you’re that designer!!!?” and then proceeded to get all nervous at the act of me talking to them. Yeah, that would be funny for a few days and then it would get old, nonetheless, it was a great time.

I went with Charlie, Kaci, and Justin to the show. I met Charlie through Carey (CC Horror). They are a great bunch of people and so much fun to hang out with. I’m glad I made a new group of friends to do a different sort of stuff that I don’t do with my other friends. If that didn’t make sense, please forgive me. It’s late, but I had to jot this entry down before the clock hit midnight.

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