1 day till a 4 day weekend. Yay!

So, I just got done making pumpkin dip for a pot luck at work tomorrow. I’m serving it with gingersnaps. I think it turned out pretty well, but unfortunately, it isn’t as good as the dip I had at Carey’s and G’s wedding (it was served in a white pumpkin – maybe the added frill made it better). Let me just say…pumpkin pie filling eaten by itself is so disgusting. Thank God for sugar and spice!

I am catching the tail end of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Um, I’m such a girl. I heart this movie in all its awkwardness and unexpectedness, oh and having Colin Firth in there helps, too. I know it’s based on Pride and Prejudice, which I also love (loved that movie, too). Gosh, I’m such a girl.

I went to CVS tonight and is it just me or is anyone else compelled to buy those “as seen on tv” type items. Man, oh, man, for a moment, I had a complete weakness for the Gopher (that thing that picks up things in tight spaces). I saw on TV yesterday a battery charger that you start from inside your car (plug it into the lighter). How revolutionary is that? So swell.

Oh, and here’s a random video of pop culture past…the opening from Out of Control. I loved this show as well as the female sidekick, Diz (I can still make that screech she made). Anyway, Sunday night I stayed up way late looking up Youtube stuff. Youtube is so freakin’ awesome. I love it.


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