Crazy Day

So my mind is spinning a bit. Not only is their the elections and the Dems winning the House, as of just now, but several pop culture moments happened today.

First of all, that reaction from Faith Hill on the CMA’s was just crazy. I guess you could look at it asa joke, but if it was one, it was very badly executed. I hope it was just a joke. I can’t see Faith being a sorry loser like that (esp. with someone so sweet as Carrie Underwood – who is getting more and more beautiful by the second). I did see her name being announced as a nominee and she was being playful with the camera, but the reaction looks real. Anyway, here it is for anyone who missed it…

This totally blew my mind as well today…how awesome Brit Brit looked on the Late Show with David Letterman. I told my friend Donna earlier today that all she had to do now was get rid of K-Fed (more on that after the video).

According to Pink is the new blog, Britney filed the divorce paperwork today.

All I can say is LET THE COMEBACK BEGIN!!! I like that she’s not one to give into all the doubters. Yay Britney.

Also, in personal news, Alexa has scored tix – 11th row to see my boyfriend perform at Rupp. Yippee. It has been a good day overall. I’m so excited. Oh, and this weekend, I may see Loretta Lynn, too at Renfro Valley…we’ll see…


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    You should go see Loretta Lynn at Renfro Valley! I went a couple of years ago and I’ll never forget it. She is truly one of a kind and that venue loves her so.

    …I watched some of the CMAs, but missed that Faith Hill moment. I’m not sure what to think about that!

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    apparently faith hill said that she was just joking and that she would never do that to a fellow performer.
    poor k-fed…wait…sorry..i meant to say HAHA kevin federline.

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