Creative Block

I’m in a creative rut. I guess I just feel mentally drained from work and other obligations. I worked today a good 11 hours on the computer, so I guess that explains why I don’t feel like doing any digital scrapbooking. I just sit and stare at a picture of my nephew and have no inspiration whatsoever.

It doesn’t help that my stuff is strung all over the house. I’m actually in the process of organizing it…which is a good thing, but the way I think…well, I have to put everything in a pile (Sort, I guess you would call it) and then go back in and arrange it. So now all my office stuff is in my dining room, cause my office is not big enough to organize in. UGh. I just wish I wasn’t having such a brain fart. Maybe once I get it all cleaned up, I will be more inspired.

My beads are put away…I don’t even attempt to get those out. The beads are a literal explosion in my living room every time I get them out and they are not fung shui friendly for me. I just can’t wrap my mind around the least thing creative.

I guess we all go through phases here and there and that’s ok. Maybe I’ll get pumped up more about creating after this weekend (It’s Carey’s wedding – YAY!)

I just want to create on my own terms and for me…something I want and enjoy doing. We’ll see…

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