Goodbye Halloween…Hello Christmas???

We’re just one day out and tonight at Macy’s the Christmas music was flowing, the trees were up, and holiday signage was everywhere.

Might I add that Target had their Halloween stuff 50% off (I always have to go there to atleast get one cool thing that I’ll open up next year and say, “Aww, cool…I forgot about this.”) Anyway, the fall/harvest stuff was in the sale stuff as well. Can we say…….THANKSGIVING people??? It seems like this holiday gets skipped alltogether, so here’s a photo of some fall flowers and yummy cider and caramels I took at Kroger last night to remind anyone who may have forgotton.

fall flowers

Cider and Caramel apples

Well, I guess I could be included in that group. I’ll admit it, I bought a Martha Stewart holiday gift making idea book – so exciting and filled with all kinds of good stuff. I mean, you gotta start early on this stuff.


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