My little Swellgirl



Here’s a pic my mom sent of me and Taylor making snowflakes. She is such a creative little girl. My mom told me that the other day she left Taylor with my dad and they were watching Spongebob while she took a bath. When she came out, Taylor was drawing and coloring at the kitchen table instead of watching TV. She’s a little artist. She loves beads and everytime I see her she says, “Aunt Pex, did you bring your beads?” I try not to sway her or influence her too much, cause I think she should be able to express herself and learn, but when we do beads, I try to teach her stuff like making patterns, cause that is fundamental in a lot of beadwork. She does some of that, but always leaves me with some abstract 2 inch long earring (just one) that she wants me to have.

I was telling Taylor about those Barbie Fashion Plates that I loved as a kid…the ones that you could interchange and do a rubbing of Barbie’s outfit on a piece of paper. Hopefully, you know the ones…well, anyway, I very briefly explained it to her (like 15 seconds), and she said, “Oh, yeah, I understand, like when you go over top of a penny?”. It just kinda surprised me, cause she caught on just like that and I don’t think I had explained it all that well. She’s smart like that.

I bought her a Klutz “Lettering” book for kids for Christmas (love those books). The other day, we also made Christmas cards. I would draw the design and she would color it in or vice versa. She told me that she was going to do “bubble” letters on the inside of the card and they were quite good (she is doing “bubble letters in kindergarten, I did them in 3rd grade – I really think kids learn a lot faster these days). I know she’s going to love that book. It has patterns and templates for her to follow and cool ways to fill in your letters with swirls, flowers, polka dots, etc. I kinda think it’s cool and I have plenty of experience with that kinda stuff.

Anyway, she’s a great little girl. I guess by my post you can tell that I love her very much (of course, I love my nephew’s too, but I think Tay and I connect in a girly/crafty way). She’s super swell!

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