This and that

– So, I was look at the packaging today for a heat-pad product that helps with cramps and it said that you don’t put it on your skin and you don’t wear it overnight. I put it directly on my skin and I wore it overnight. Well, the good news is that I’m still here. Whew, that was a close one!

– I reserved tix to see Loretta Lynn. The funniest part was when I called, I was put on hold and heard a rambling of events by a very old, good ol’ KY old man. It reminded me of Cracker Barrel for some odd reason. Oh, and those old fashioned Dollar Store ads with that guy wearing a plaid shirt. Does anyone else remember those ads? Maybe I do, maybe I made it up. I really do think I remember it!

– So, I am feeling quite nervous about the whole Jim/Pam thing on the Office. Looks like the Scranton Branch is going to merge with the Stamford branch and that Jim’s new love interest, Karen, is coming to work at the Scranton office. In the previews, Pam is so excited to see Jim, and it just makes me worried, because you know…I live vicariously through Pam and Jim (yeah, I made a t-shirt – I’ve sold a few too and I kinda want one, just too lazy to actually do so). It was a good episode overall. Dwight and Michael together = classic laugh-out loud moments. I love it.


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