I’ve been reading online and trying to get informed about all the candidates, but it feels like studying and it is making my head spin. My boss handed me a voting review sheet today, that had his handwriting scrawled on it…”Alexa, make sure you vote tomorrow”. I mean, if I didn’t vote, I don’t think he would hassle me, but since he lives in Lexington, too, I just think he’s wanting me to take an active role in the community. And I guess that’s a good thing.

I think I know who I am going to vote for in most of the major races, and some in the small, but when it comes to Council at Large seats, and district judge type stuff, I am embarrased to admit that I don’t have a clue who I should vote for. I think there might be the option where you can leave some blank, but am I the only one that picks people based on the sound of their name? I know that’s lame, but if they have an educated, strong-sounding name, they are going to get my vote over others.

Well, I guess that means that I have to get up early and out the door. The polling place is in my apt complex, so atleast that’s convenient.

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