Blog Prompt time!

I went in search of a blog prompt and I came to this site. Here’s a couple I chose:

Blog Prompt 1: Describe a childhood game you used to play. Who did you play with? Any special (ie. made-up) rules?

My brother and I used to play this game called “pencil ball”. Basically, we would play baseball in his room with a pencil and a paper wad. He would pitch it to me and I’d have to hit it. Just like baseball, we had bases and places that were considered “home runs” if we hit into them. We would play this for hours and being little, I thought it was pretty cool at the time. It’s one of those things that make me smile if I think about it.

Blog Prompt 2: If My House (apt., in my case) was in danger, what would I save?

I would first save my photo albums and yearbooks. I think photos are vital to who we are and where we come from and I truly cherish the ones I have acquired over the years. It saddens me when I hear of people losing their photos, or of not having any photos of childhood for this reason or that. I think they are such a documentation of who we are and each unique and special ways that we stay connected.

Secondly, I would prob. save my computer hard drive. There is tons and tons of work on this thing and I would hate to lose it. I would also try to grab my portfolio as well (there is so much work I would be devestated to lose). I can’t imagine years of my creative energy being destroyed by a disaster. I feel sad just thinking about it.

I would thirdly save a box of belongings (a journal, wallet, etc.) and jewelry that had belonged to my mother that were passed down to me. I have very little of her things and while I rarely go through it, I would be saddened to know it was suddenly gone and those things that I have of hers would be lost. Really, those items are the only connection I have to her – of her style, her personality, her love of her family. They do mean a lot to me.

And of course, I would take Pixie. I don’t know how that little stinker would deal with life outside this little bubble known as my apartment. She would have a hard time adjusting to something new, but I think she would be comforted knowing I was there, or atleast I hope so. I know she would be scared.


  1. says

    we would play bike tag. i don’t know how we did it, but we always ended up with 10 or more people playing. here are the rules that i remember:

    1) you must stay on your bike
    2) you can’t go in houses
    3) two people are it at all times
    4) to tag someone, you have to hit them with the whiffle ball bat.
    5) the porch is home base

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