Pre-Christmas weekend with the Westerfield’s

The kids in front of the tree

So, I went home this past weekend and I had a good time with my family. I can’t believe how big all my nephews and niece are getting. They are still incredibly cute. Brock came into the room after I had just woken up with a Ken doll leg and a Barbie leg, and asked, “Aunt Pex, you wanna play Star Wars?” a.k.a. use the legs as light sabers. That cracked me up. What a random thing to use for light sabers and it was right up my alley.

Well, I was happy to see that Tay Tay liked her Klutz book that I picked out just for her. It was called, “Cool, Crazy Quirky Lettering”. She really digged it and I knew she would. The boys also got a kick out of their gifts. One of the biggest hits was these squeeze balls that when you squeezed it hard, big blobs of slime would pop out between the mesh. It’s really something that all ages think is weird and cool at the same time. Very amusing.

My sis also liked the scrapbook I made her of her kids. I had throughout the year, done pages of Brock and Taylor throughout their life and did about 20 pages in all for her. They were pretty intricate pages (I worked for 2 or mor hours on each), so I think she appreciated the time and effort I put into it. Sophia’s excited, cause I have her name next year and she wants a scrapbook all about Grant. So, more pages are coming up…

I got a cool new scanner, a hard drive backup, a cool new scrapbooking book, a new purse, a new set of stainless steel mixing bowls, and a Creative Versatool…all things I had been wanting. I always get pretty practical stuff, and that is a good thing 🙂

Well, off to bed. Click on the picture about to see more of my pics from this past weekend. There’s some cute ones in there with explanations.


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