Before&After and Sue Teller – my new hero


My profile pic was done several months back. I don’t know if you are interested or not, but some guy on flickr wanted to see it before and after…Anyway, here it is. I recently completed a scrap page using it that I think is pretty cool. I hope it gets in a publication…we’ll see. Anyway, just a somewhat productive Sat. Didn’t get started til late, but cleaned my bathroom and straightened some. Far away from being done. I also have something horrid in my fridge that I am so not looking forward to diagnosing, but it must be done. Anyway, peace out…Oh, and watch my new favorite video below of lil’ old lady crafter Sue Teller. She is the cutest. She’s even my myspace friend. I’m thinking this is totally produced to be this way be Mountain Dew, but even so, it is kick butt!


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