Monitor Mayhem

Apple Studio Monitor, originally uploaded by blatch.

So, i’m back from a whirlwind of a holiday. It is sometimes hard to get on and blog cause I feel like there is so much else that I should be doing, but I feel like I need to check in.

I had to get a new monitor for my computer. My old moniter that looks like the one above. It just kept randomly shutting off while I was typing. i’m kinda wondering if it was just too dusty. Being on my computer is a vital thing and I didn’t want to fiddle fart around and wait on someone repairing it, so I bought a Viewsonic 19 inch from CompUSA. I like it thus far. The colors are much more vibrant and the display is so much bigger. The mac monitor had been getting on my nerves cause it was so small…I’ve been using duel monitors at work, so I felt cheated at home. I’m happy with my purchase.


  1. Justin says

    Yay for new screens! Kelly’s monitor (my old one) is on the verge of shutting down permanently – the display keeps flickering and jumping, and last night it went black for a couple of seconds and came back on. I’ve had it for about five years, so it’s due to be replaced. Isn’t it amazing how these things don’t last any time at all before they have to be replaced?

    A friend offered to sell me a 24″ Samsung flat screen for $450. That’s a sweet deal, but I can’t afford it.

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