movie day

I went to see Dreamgirls today with my cousin (who now lives in Lex…Yay. It was pretty good, though at times a bit slow. I was expecting Jennifer Hudson to steal the show and she didn’t disappoint. i think it is crazy that she was a barely known American Idol contestant and now she is a bona fide actress. What a true American success story. She really did take the spotlight in this movie. Beyonce was ok…beautiful, of course, but she just didn’t have the presence that J-Hud had. Awesome. on a random side note, John Krasinski (aka Jim from the Office) had a bit part in this movie. He showed up in The Holiday, the last movie I saw at the theatre. It’s nice to see him in non-Jim roles…I have to admit I get excited seeing him on the big screen.

They had a preview for a Diane Keaton movie called, Because I said so (the title kinda makes me throw up my mouth a little). It cracks me up when they cast daughters look nothing like the mother. Am I really supposed to believe that Lauren Graham, Piper Perabou, and Mandy Moore are all sisters and are the spawn of Diane Keaton? Casting smashsting.

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