My night at Waffle House

little wafflehouse mosaic, originally uploaded by swelldesigner.

So, Tasha and I went to Waffle House on Sat. night (click on the photo mosaic above to see more photos of my visit on my flick account). I’m usually not big on the House, but I was having a “I’m in the mood for breakfast” kinda moment.

Waffle House has a unique flair about it. The cool thing is that it is eternally set in the 1970’s…from the color of the booths, to the plates, to the uniforms they have to wear. There’s something nostalgic and classic about it.

I hadn’t really gone to Waffle house until I was out of college. I’m sure somewhere along the way (on a trip, I’m sure), I had been to one…I just can’t remember. I once went to Waffle House with my friend Steven after a Maroon 5 concert. I was panicked, cause my roomate had skipped out of the concert drunk, and we could not find her, so we simmered, scowled, and worried about her over pecan waffles and omelets. On another occasion, I went to Waffle Steak across the river in Clarksville, IN. (It’s the same thing, just a different name, weird, I know) with Tasha and some random guys we met and hung out with at 4th street. The guys really nice (totally innocent, I promise), but while at the Steak, we had a waiter that was L.I.T. (I think he had just smoked something out back), barefoot clubgoers (gross), and I’m pretty sure, some prostitutes.

I wonder….

– On a 4 am visit, is it just me, or is going to the Waffle House not the best lesson in sociology imaginable?

– Do you really think that hamburger can be dressed 8,650,857 times or whatever crazy number they say it can (I’m going to have to google this one)?

– Will Waffle House ever get a credit card machine (maybe those ol’ fogies who own it denounce on such a thing – I think I’ve seen their pic hanging next to the door on the way out), or do you think having to pay in cash is just a part of the mystique?

– Have you ever actually listened to one of those Waffle House songs on the jukebox?

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