No Motivation

So, I got superexcited over having an article and another project in Creative Techniques…I told myself that I wasn’t going to procrastinate, but guess what? I did. So, now I have to finish my article and finish my project & instructions by Thursday, so that I can get them in the mail and delivered in time.

Ugh. I wish I wasn’t this way, but I just feel so exhausted. The last thing I want to do at the moment is write and article. I had been writing it at work on and off (I may actually try to finish up the article tomorrow at work – I just got to hunker down and do it). I may see if I can e-mail it to her by the due date of 2-2 on Friday. I can’t believe it is almost Groundhog’s Day.

In somehat good news, my company won a Craftrends award. We were one of 10 nominated for the Product Innovation Award of Excellence, so to win out of all of the nominees is a really big deal. I guess you would consider them the Oscars of crafting. We won for the product, Foam Paint…it is a paint made just for craft foam (the kind that kids love). Anyway, it is really pliable and soft and it conforms to the shape of the foam when it bends. It’s really slick and comes in a lot of bright, fun colors. It adds dimension to boring foam projects. Anyway, I designed the logo, flyer, idea sheet, packaging, and basicaly the overall look of the brand for it, so cool.

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