not so secretly hoping

I’m not so secretly hoping that tomorrow it snows, snows, snows! I don’t want to go to work. That would be awesome. I’m crossing my fingers for bad weather (but not for anyone having problems in it). I just want it to be bad enough that I don’t have to go to work.

I haven’t addressed this, but I am so annoyed by my comments on my blog. I see that my one below for my 6th grade project got 4 comments, all of which are junk comments. I feel sad. I get all excited thinking that someone actually reads my blog, only to find that someone has posted viagra ads on my comments page. Ugh. I guess anyway they can spam, they will do it.

I went to Comedy off Broadway. I will admit it…I had been a comedy club virgin. And i have to admit it, I realize that I’m strongly attracted to comedians. There’s just something about a funny guy. The age thing really isn’t an issue. I am so drawn to a sense of humor. you would have thought I would have known this by now, but there is a reason I’m attracted to STeve Carrell after all…the humor and the personality gets me everytime!

I’m listening to the Diva Craft Lounge Radio show. Yeah, people talk on the radio about crafting. I’m a nerd, but it interests me. I’m interested in the industry as whole. I feel like I am pretty passionate about it. The Craft Lounge mainly focuses on scrapbooking (it’s sponsored by Creating Keepsakes mag), but it’s always neat to see new products on the market.

I’m trying to finish up these darn articles. Almost there. I have to get the project next dayed tomorrow (so much for making money on this stuff – next daying things is expensive, but actually, I will make some money, I just have to pay for my procrastination). Anyway, I am still struggling with them, but I will be so, so relieved when I have gotten them off my plate. I don’t know if I want to do another article again. I was so excited at first, but writing isn’t my strength. My article is turning out interesting and I think I’m a decent writer, but it just wears me out. I don’t find it fun to do.

Well, bed is calling.


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