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I need to go to bed. Another night, another 12PM bedtime. I got up an hour late today. I don’t know when the last time I actually was on time to work. Ugh. I am just burned out. I think people do that when they get that way, but no one says anything to me, so as long as I am getting away with, I say no big deal (though an hour late isn’t acceptable – it was a legitamate “I slept late” moment. All the other times, it is like 15 minutes late.

Here’s my latest scrap page. I am not going to enter this one into anything, so I am posting it. If I want to enter any into mags, it is a good idea not to post, cause they actually sometimes consider seeing your page online as it being published already. Click on it to see a bigger pic on my flickr page.


Off to bed…I’ll try to be better about blogging in the next couple of weeks. Things have just been hairy. Oh, by the way, I’m sick of Rosie and Donald Trump. Can’t we just get over it?

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