Baby, it’s cold outside…

I just walked out of my apt to my car wearing a coat, a short nightgown (exposing my legs) and my keds. I have always liked the Ked/short skirt combo…but tonight not so much.

If I were to ever move up North, I don’t know if I could handle the weather. I’m not into the cold…not into the hot. I like a medium 50-60 kinda tone. KY isn’t all that bad…when it comes to this. Right now, i could do without.

Is this just me? I have chapped skin this year. Hope this isn’t TMI, but I guess it’s that sudden change of temp that has made my arms chapped. My nose was chapped a few weeks ago, but i’ve since gotten over that one. Another negative thing the cold brings.

Looking forward to my nice WARM bed with my kitty laying next to me. That’s nice.

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